About Us- Sustainability in eCommerce

The Ecobahn. Online resource of ideas for sustainability in eCommerce.

Established in 2019, Ecobahn was born to create a platform for the eCommerce industry to share ideas for more sustainable eCommerce growth and more eco-friendly business practices.

Consumer trends are changing. eCommerce is showing exponential growth, so the industry has a responsibility to ensure this growth is sustainable. As an industry built on innovation, by doing so, there is also an excellent opportunity to be leaders in the sustainability movement.

Sustainability in eCommerce is a young, complex, and ever-changing issue, so both the problems and solutions are still open to discovery. Ecobahn aims to provide a platform for open discussion and the sharing of ideas for sustainable eCommerce growth.

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Ideas for sustainability in eCommerce


In the fast-moving digital landscape, the future of sustainable and eco-friendly eCommerce is more than likely still in development.

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Extending the life of products and buying less is going to be a vital tool in the sustainability movement. Sustainability in eCommerce can take centre stage through the Recommerce movement.

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The eCommerce industry uses millions of tons of packaging every year. Making packaging more sustainable through either recycling or reuse is a critical opportunity for more eco-friendly eCommerce.

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Product- Sustainability in eCommerce

While aspiring towards people buying less ‘stuff’, the reality of the business world makes this concept confusing. Making the products themselves more sustainable is an improvement.

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Shipping millions of packages across the globe does not come without issues. Air travel is one of the most impactful activities of modern society, so how does sustainability in eCommerce create an eco-friendly logistics model.

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